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Coro Mendocino

Coro Mendocino was named and inspired from the Latin root for “chorus” and is the first wine of its kind to set blending and aging parameters distinctive to its region in the United States.  Every Coro wine is a signature blend, individually crafted in Mendocino County from 100 percent Mendocino County grapes, in strict accordance with the Consortium Mendocino Bylaws. Each Coro wine must lead with 40-70 percent Zinfandel and may be blended with up to nine named varietals, honoring the “Old Italian” field blends of Mendocino. Production must adhere to strict protocols set by Consortium Mendocino. In addition to the varietal parameters, there are strict rules concerning wine chemistry, and barrel and bottle aging before the release of this extremely limited case production.  Brutocao Cellars is proud to have crafted a Coro Mendocino every vintage since the program's founding in 2001.



2013 Coro Mendocino, Brutocao Vineyards, Estate Bottled (750ml)
2013 Coro Mendocino, Brutocao Vineyards, Estate Bottled (750ml)